The staff at CVC cares deeply about all aspects of your pet’s health, which includes their dental health. Every Wellness Exam involves an evaluation of your pet’s teeth and gums. At that time, your veterinarian will make recommendations regarding what, if any, course of dentistry treatment your pet requires.

These can include:

Instructions for home dental care

Diet or food recommendations that foster healthy teeth and gums

Dental prophy performed at our clinic

As needed, we recommend a full treatment of your pet’s dental health, known as a dental prophy. This involves your pet spending the day at the clinic where s/he will undergo the following:

Pre-anesthetic blood testing

Pre-surgical exam

General Anesthesia

Evaluation of your pet’s teeth, gums, tongue and throat (the entire oral cavity)

Cleaning, scaling and polishing of all teeth and gums

Extraction of teeth if required

Your pet’s dental health is an important component of their overall health.

We like to ensure this key to good health is not overlooked for any of our patients.